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AKBProject makes every effort to create extensions and themes that offer maximum reliability to make our customers satisfied with the products and services they buy. If you are not satisfied with the products or services purchased, we seriously consider the possibility of repaying the amount spent by the customer. We reserve the right to analyze and evaluate problems relating to the request for reimbursement of the amounts spent on a case by case basis. The following applies to all types of subscriptions on the site

Refund Mode:

Cancellation of payment on the payment platform used to make the payment

We refund when:

After purchasing a subscription of any kind on our site, and: 1) you have not yet downloaded any type of product or service and it has not been more than 14 days since the registration and payment.
2) you have not requested assistance for one of our products and more than 14 days have passed since the registration and payment.
3) you have not made any updates and more than 14 days have passed since your registration and payment.
4) it is your first registration, so it is not a renewal or an upgrade of a previously purchased subscription plan.

We do not refund when:

1) After purchasing a subscription, you proceeded to download the products from the site or activated any service in the catalog
2) After purchasing a subscription, and you have not yet downloaded any product or activated any service, but more than 14 days have passed since you proceeded with the purchase
3) After purchasing a subscription and requesting assistance with one of our products or services
4) After purchasing a subscription, and the product has already been downloaded and/or the services have been activated.
5) After the subscription has been purchased and a product has been downloaded or activated by anyone who may have legitimate access to your payment systems, employees, collaborators, etc.
6) After purchasing a discounted subscription in a special offer, promotion, balance or using a coupon that entitles you to a discount.
7) After purchasing a subscription and deciding to cancel an account with us, before the expiry date.
8) After purchasing a subscription by renewing or upgrading a pre-existing subscription.

Credit and refund:

If there are conditions for a refund, AKBproject undertakes to provide refunds and credits within the shortest possible time, with a maximum time of 15 working days to analyze the situation and cancel payment on the payment platform.



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