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Analitics & Stats

php 8.1
Joomla 4-3-2.5

JRealtime Analytics plugin for Joomla is a standalone stats and analytics solution that integrates with every installed extension without the need of additional plugins!

Ready to say goodbye to Google Analytics? Get rid of Google Analytics now, keep everything within your Joomla website without make your life complicated with third-party solutions that use cookies and heavy scripts that slow down pagespeed

With JRealtime Analytics you will be able to track every single click or visited page on your site without using 3PD services like Google Analytics! Moreover thanks to the new technology Universal Events Tracking System ™, it's capable to integrate with every installed extensions, so you can track virtually everything in few easy steps, and all informations are stored on your server!


The use of Google Analytics is still possible but totally optional and in this case JRealtime Analytics offers the integration to monitor Google stats directly in the Joomla backend.

The innovative Mobile Heatmap ™ system gives you an overview of the exact elements on pages where users clicks more often, tracking the exact number of clicks in a given period.

This system is no more limited to track the point coordinates in the page that has been clicked in a particular screen resolution, now real HTML elements receiving clicks are tracked and shown in the heatmap making it working for visits received by smartphone and tablets!

JRealtime Analytics is done to be compliant to the EU Cookie Law, indeed it doesn't install or require any additional or third party cookies but it's solely based on the native session cookie of Joomla!

Moreover you can choose to anonymize the IP address tracking. Now it integrates even with the GDPR component for Joomla! allowing stats tracking only after the cookie consent, thus providing a fully GDPR compliant stats solution.



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