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Eridano is a powerful Joomla 4 module that allows you to easily create and manage custom tabs on your website. With Eridano, you can organize and present your content in an elegant and intuitive way, providing clear and engaging navigation to your visitors.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Tabs: Eridano allows you to effortlessly create custom tabs to organize your content. You can add unlimited tabs and customize their appearance, content, and display order.
  2. Flexible Content Options: Populate the tabs with various types of content, including custom text with editor support, default Joomla modules, or Joomla articles. This enables you to dynamically present a variety of information.
  3. Advanced Customization: offers you the flexibility to add text areas both at the beginning and at the end of the module. This allows you to insert an introductory text or a description before the tabs, and also a concluding message or additional details at the end. Each text area is fully customizable with text styles, background colors, and even background images, giving you the freedom to create an engaging experience that aligns with your brand.
  4. Extensive Customization Options: The Eridano module provides a wide range of customization options to fit your website's design. You can set colors, borders, backgrounds, and tab animations to create a unique visual experience.
  5. Responsive and User-Friendly: Eridano is fully responsive, ensuring that your tabs will adapt and display optimally on devices of different sizes. Additionally, the module is designed to be user-friendly, allowing visitors to easily navigate between tabs and access desired content.
  6. With Eridano, you can transform the presentation of your content on Joomla 4, delivering intuitive navigation and an engaging experience for your users. Whether you're building a corporate website, portfolio, or blog, Eridano will help you organize and present your content in a professional and effective manner.
  • Selection Option:
    Choice between "Content", "Modules", and "Article" to populate tabs with different types of content.
  • Title Style:
    Option to choose a style for the tab titles among "Text", "Image", and "Button".
  • Introductory Text Limitation:
    Option to show only a part of the article's introductory text.
  • Introductory Text Limit:
    Setting the maximum number of characters for the article's introductory text.
  • Menu Position:
    Choice of the tab menu's position among "Left", "Center", and "Right".
  • Button Colors:
    Option to customize the background colors of the buttons.
  • Button Text Colors:
    Customization of the text colors inside the buttons.
  • Button Image Sizes:
    Setting the width and height of the button images.
  • Button Image Style:
    Option to round the style of the button image.
  • Display of Additional Descriptions:
    Activate the display of text areas for optional additional descriptions present both at the beginning and at the end of the module.
  • Text Area Height:
    Setting the height of the text area in pixels for the initial description.
  • Text Area Background:
    Option to set a colored background or an image.
  • Description Text Color:
    Customization of the text color within the description.

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